Garden Roof Parasol

Project info

Location:   New Delhi
Area:  450 sq. ft
Status: Completed, 2018

The site is located on a fringe between an urban village and planned settlement of the South-East New Delhi area. The idea was to create a space that acts like an oasis in this seemingly derelict urban landscape.

We were approached by a couple betrothed to each other, wanting a space to move in after their soon to be held wedding. The project hence became a race against time. The existing building formed a strange landscape, providing us with a stair enclosure, a room and a courtyard in between. The concept was to place an overarching roof over the undulations of the existing structure, therefore unifying the space and creating a double height volume.

The structure is a simple prefabricated frame that gave us the flexibility to sculpt the interior volume. The form of the beams supporting the terrace garden above became the aesthetic, expressed on the façade. The space between the steel roof and the existing masonry walls was filled with insulated glazing, thus completing the envelope. The nature of construction was such that steel was the relevant choice of material in contrast to the conventional ways of brick and mortar.

We used the terrace of the existing stair enclosure as a perch, overlooking the larger space. This space is used as a study and a small personal library. The access to the perch is a piece of furniture that doubles up as a television console with built-in storage. Housed within the volume are a small kitchenette and a living space. The existing room serves as a bedroom. New steel and fluted glass doors separate the rooms and can be completely slid open, thus expanding the space. A compact steel spiral stair takes you up to the terrace garden.
Delhi presents itself as a low-rise, high-density city with very few accessible public green spaces. The flat terraces of houses provide us with an opportunity for creating courts, which can contribute towards ‘greening’ the city.