W&T Arts Festival Pavilion

Project info

Location:   Azores, PORTUGAL
Area:  1600 sq. ft
Status: Competition Entry, 2020

The Azorean islands, a remote archipelegeo situated in the middle of the Atlantic is a place full of culture and rich traditions of craft, agriculture, art, religion etc to name a few. One of the traditions that stands out as an icon of Azorean culture and heritage is the construction of whaleboats. While whaling is no longer practiced, these boats are now used in sport to keep the tradition alive. Our design for the walk and talk pavilion 2020 draws inspiration from these beautifully crafted objects - the whaleboats.

Our hope is that through this pavilion, we can represent this strong and intrinsic part of Azorean culture and heritage. We hope to tap into the craft of the whaleboat making by engaging the craftsmen to construct the pavilion and thereby contribute towards prolonging the continuity of this dying craft, which includes traditional skill as well as traditional materials. We imagine that once the purpose of the pavilion is fulfilled, the materials used for construction can be re-used in boat making, to build new whaleboats using the traditional techniques.

ポルトガルのアゾレス諸島最大の島であるサンミゲル島で開催されるWalk and Talk arts festival 2020のためのパヴィリオンを計画するプロジェクト。アゾレス諸島の魅力を発信し、島民に愛されるパヴィリオンとするため、古くからアゾレス諸島の生活の中心にあり、近年ではスポーツとして親しまれている小型の捕鯨船に着目した。地産の杉と船に使用する帆を用いて、環境と呼応する柔らかい布のような建築のあり方を追求した。また、パヴィリオンの建設は地元の船大工と協働することで、衰退しつつある伝統技術が少しでも長く継承される一助となる事を目指した。