Project info

Location:   Italy
Project Type:  Urban Design
Status: Proposed

This is the very heart of the lymphatic system that sustains and provides the entire architectural intervention with its energy. The dynamic buildings, caged in glass walls, providing reflection and a sense of depth at the same time allowing seamless visual connectivity to the park beyond through its landscaped terraces. The grand plaza in front of the buildings brings the park closer to the very heart of the Centergross.

Inspired by the bold language of iconic fashion, and the folds, seams and stitches that go into the making of great fashion stories. The grand steel arches covered in vertical gardens recall the great arcades of the city of bologna and the renaissance gardens of Italy. While the roof of the buildings are littered with activities that the casual visitor can engage in, the terrace of the parking basement becomes an extension of the internal functions of the central spine.

From a mundane web of streets, occupied mostly with private cars and commercial vehicles, devoid of much human activity, emerge the new Boulevards at Centergross. Despite a very large number of people using the facilities at the fashion hub, the streets remain empty due to the absence of an intimate scale. The new design provides for cycle tracks, places to gather, play and sit under the dense canopies of tropical fruit trees. The street junctions are inspired by the Quattro Fontane.