CIPL House


Project info

Location: Noida, INDIA
Area: 10,000 sq. ft
Project Type : Residential
Status: Completed, 2017

This Computer Hardware operations office is the embodiment of unique identity & efficiency of function. Based in an industrial layout in Noida, the site boasts the USP of that of a corner plot. The CIPL House engages a highly customized scheme of design that shatters the stereotypes of a mundane corporate setup.

The program primarily includes an operations unit, supply wing & basement storage utility. The interior layout of the built form was synthesized on the basis of a systematic building diagram. The G+4 structure composed of an area of 10,000 sq. ft houses the core functional niches of the office space with a dash of chic grandeur in its weave. The matrix of functions through the office include core workspaces, meeting rooms, a double-height reception area which acts as an internal sanctuary, official cabins & a cafeteria.

On the exterior level, the South-Western façade makes a statement with its innovative screening treatment & its dominance as an elevation element. The façade is a suave monochrome vision of Dholpur Sandstone base, dark cladding & custom Indian Marble louvres in a 6mm thickness fitted into custom MS frames.

The built form is a modernistic take on corporate design, rejuvenated with the charm of elements unique to the ensemble & its execution.