Waseda Jizo Bodhisattva

Project info

Location:   Tokyo, JAPAN
Site Area:  745 sq. ft
Project Type:  Religious / Community space
Status:  On-going

The Child Rearing Jizo has been recognized as a symbol of Waseda district for approximately 300 years. Through its overall reformulation, in addition to expansion of its event space, we aimed to create a space that would serve as the core of the local community.
Highlighting its historical contexts, we restructured fragmentary elements caused by repeated ad hoc expansions in the past. Meanwhile, we provided a space filled with fresh air, brightness, and openness via dismantling walls that used to surround the site with a closed impression.  In order to unite upper and lower levels which had been segregated, we also designed a grand staircase that would serve to stimulate a variety of activities.  Through iterated discussions with local residents, we sought to suggest an optimal scheme for how post-pandemic outdoor space and its surrounding community need to be so that the site would be treasured for a long time.