Temple M

Project info

Location:  Tokyo, JAPAN
Area:  9,150 sq. ft
Project Type : Ossuary
Status: Proposed

The Buddhist temple M, which belongs to the Nichiren sect, has operated for almost 100 years. By dismantling this temple and its office, this project aims to establish a new building, which is composed of a main hall, multi-purpose halls, office, and an automated ossuary underground.

The symbolic meaning of the existing temple is inherited through a creation of the spacious and metallic roof/screen while the gentle and familiar scale is achieved through lowering the eaves. In order to preserve warmness of the existing wooden temple, cedar wooden structures are embedded between the roof and the concrete structure. By allowing these structures to be observable from eaves (specifically, Kohai) and an atrium of the entrance hall, the warmness can be enjoyed from a variety of spaces.

These approaches intend to suggest a new style of temple – a space that is bright and translucent, a spot that anyone would love to casually visit and meet their ancestors, and a place that functions as a heart of the community.